VIP Acceleration User Guide

1. What is VIP Acceleration

VIP members will have their own online downloading bandwidth; when downloading a task in local client, the download speed can be accelerated by using the bandwidth as an intermediary to transfer more data to local client.

2. Instructions

Open your BitComet, login to your CometID and check the VIP column in task list. The VIP icon in this column would be gray if you have not activated VIP acceleration.

A dialog window will pop-up when you click on the gray VIP, and tells you that you have not activated VIP acceleration for the selected task. Click on Apply Now to apply VIP acceleration, or click on Cancel to close the dialog window.

Please note, VIP acceleration does not support private torrents. When you click the VIP icon of a private torrent, a notification (see below) will pop-up, telling you it is unsuccessful to enable VIP acceleration for this task, and your bandwidth will not be subtracted.

If you are allowed to enable VIP acceleration, you will then be directed to the VIP acceleration website after you clicked on Apply Now. You can view the alternative plans, select the one you like, click on the Order Now icon and follow the next few steps to purchase it.

Once a VIP service is purchased, open your BitComet and login to your CometID. Select the task that you wish to activate VIP acceleration, and click the gray VIP icon in the task list. A window will appear indicating the required bandwidth for downloading selected task, and the remaining bandwidth of your VIP service. If the required bandwidth is smaller than the remaining bandwidth, that means you can enable VIP acceleration for the selected task. Now click on Enable VIP Accelerate to start using your online bandwidth.

The colour of VIP icon will become golden after VIP acceleration is enabled for a task. Your online bandwidth will be used as an intermediary to obtain and transfer more data to the local client, hence the local download speed will be increased.

Sometimes the task is lack of resource, thus the VIP server cannot find and transfer the data to local client. After 24 hours of activation, if the server still cannot find the resource, users can click the VIP icon and click on “Disable VIP acceleration” to stop VIP down load and get the bandwidth back. Please note, the “Disable VIP acceleration” is only available since version 1.25.