BitComet VIP

Dedicated bandwidth to accelerate the downloading, speed up your slow tasks.
Anonymous Download can be enabled to protect your privacy.
Supported by BitComet v1.25 or later.

Windows (32-bit / 64-bit)

Notice of Stop Service

BitComet VIP is going to stop service after the last user expired (in 90 days).
We recommend an alternative service named PriTorrent. PriTorrent is mainly designed for those bittorrent download is restricted or seeking for anonymously torrent downloading.

BitComet VIP Plans

Free trial

10 GB bandwidth
Expire after 30 days

Not Available Now

10G plan

10 GB bandwidth
Expire after 60 days
USD $4.99

Not Available Now

100G plan

100 GB bandwidth
Expire after 90 days
USD $19.99

Not Available Now

How to Use BitComet VIP

1. Login to your CometID via BitComet client
2. Activate VIP acceleration for your BitTorrent tasks
3. Order a BitComet VIP plan
4. Check the VIP acceleration status for the selected task